System requirements

Web browsers

TDM Cloud solutions, including the TDM WebCatalog, are compatible with the following web browsers:

  • Google Chrome (since v79.0)
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium based Version)
  • Mozilla Firefox (since v72.0)
  • Apple Safari (on IPad: since v13.0)

TDM software requirements for connecting with the TDM WebCatalog

The following technical requirements must be met to connect the TDM WebCatalog with your TDM software. This allows your TDM solution to access the most current tool data at any time.

  • TDM 2019 HF6 (or higher version) or TDM Global Line 2019 HF6 (or higher version)
  • TDM class and group structure
  • A signed and valid TDM Software Maintenance Contractplus

For this purpose, it is only necessary that the TDM server has access to the following address and domain by adding an exception in the server firewall configuration: