Directly adjusted to the needs of your company - the expansion stages of TDM Cloud Essentials

Ideal for small companies - save costs, better organize your tools and keep an overview!

TDM Cloud Essentials

Basic EUR 89,- USD 89,- Per user / month with a contract period of 12 months / 30 days free Test free of charge Not available yet

With TDM Cloud Essentials Basic, you can digitize tools, meaning you will always know which tools are really being used. Thanks to management of standard tool sets per machine, you can reduce your setup time, as the programmer will always select the right tool.

Details Details
  • Dashboard
  • Assembly of items and tool assemblies by tool type

  • Breakdown of items by supplier

  • Data creation over time

  • Hit list of the most frequently installed items

  • Consumption of new items by quantity and value over time

  • Master data management (Master Tool Data)
  • Basic data model by tool type

  • Item creation

  • Creation using the TDM WebCatalog

    • Direct search in master data management
    • Transfer of item data and graphics
    • Mass import based on order numbers
  • Creation of tool assemblies:

    • Based on parts lists
    • Visually with the 2D Tool Assembly Builder
  • Creation of tool lists

  • Management of items/

    tool assemblies/tool lists

  • Text and barcode search via items/

    tool assemblies/tool lists

  • Tools per Machine
  • Definition of standard tools per machine

  • Consumption
  • Recording of the consumption of new consumed items

  • Usage analysis by

    • item

    • machine

  • Bestandsverwaltung (Stock Management)
  • CAM-Export

Prices can be the deciding factor – but they are not the only one: TDM Cloud Essentials stands out with its many advantages

Does your team need even more convincing? We can help! Imagine that you've just started using TDM Cloud Essentials today and have seen a boost in productivity straight away. On-boarding is not applicable here – neither project management nor set-up is needed. The software is so simple that it can be used without training. When creating the database, we support you with the TDM WebCatalog or the barcode scanner, to enable you to quickly identify the tools. After digitizing the tool stock, you can benefit from TDM Cloud Essentials every day:

  • Absolute transparency via the tool stock: Available items and tool assemblies visible at any time
  • Direct support for complete tool assembly: All info available with one click
  • Minimal setup time thanks to definition of standard tools sets per machine 
  • No costs for server hardware, installation, updates or data securit

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