So that no questions remain unanswered: Your FAQ from TDM Systems

There are always questions or uncertainties. Therefore we have created a FAQ for you, which covers all common questions. Please use the filter below to narrow down your questions. If you have any further questions, we will be happy to help you.

How can I create my tool items?

There are four ways to create tool items: (1) Manual creation (master data); (2) Transfer from the TDM WebCatalog (master data search + go directly to the TDM WebCatalog); (3) Batch transfer from the TDM WebCatalog based on an Excel file with the order number + ID; (4) Single or batch import of a DIN4000 Zip file


How can I transfer data from the TDM WebCatalog?

You can search for either the order number, barcode or name in the master data management in your TDM Cloud Essentials. If the tool is not found in your database, the matches in the TDM WebCatalog are displayed sorted by manufacturer. You can therefore efficiently search for tools, and differentiate between new and known tools. If you have a match in the TDM WebCatalog, you can switch to this and click on "Transfer to TDM" at any time to transfer this to your data inventory.

Which data does the TDM WebCatalog offer me?

The TDM WebCatalog offers you data from well-known manufacturers that is perfectly tailored to your TDM System. You can find data from Arno, Gühring, Hoffmann, Mitsubishi, Sandvik Coromant, Seco and Walter, among others, in the TDM WebCatalog.

Are additional costs incurred if I transfer data from the TDM WebCatalog?

As a TDM Cloud Essentials user, no costs are incurred for transferring the data from the TDM WebCatalog.

I would like to import the tools that I ordered last. Where can I get a list with the order numbers?

The best option is to contact your suppliers and get a list with the order numbers for the tools that you ordered in the last 12 months from each of them. If you have an ERP system, this is also usually a great source for obtaining a list with the order numbers for the tools that were recently ordered.

Where can I find a sample file for the ID-based Item Data Importer?

A sample file for the import can be found in the "Item Data Import" view. Click on the Excel symbol and the download will start. Please use this file in the same language in which you downloaded it.

Can I transfer data from Tools United?

With the available DIN4000 Importer, individual items (one or more) can be transferred from Tools United. The data must first be downloaded from the Tools United platform. Paid access is required to receive this data.

Can I transfer data from the MachiningCloud?

It is not currently possible to import data from the MachiningCloud platform.

Which file formats can I upload as images?

You can upload data with the following graphic formats: PNG, JPG, JPEG, SVG, JFIF

Which file formats can I upload as 2D graphics?

You can upload your 2D graphics in the market-leading DXF file format.